maandag 28 november 2016

Aspe: Energy saving in municipal sports facilities

The city of Aspe is replacing much of the lighting of municipal sports facilities in the area of the pavilion and pool, changing the existing luminaires by others of the new LED technology. These actions, worth about 40,000 euros, are included in the 2016 Financially Sustainable Investment Plan that the city of Aspe is developing in various points of the population with the aim of saving energy.

 According to the City Council, it will act in all exterior lighting of the municipal sports area, including tennis and paddle courts, as well as the summer pool. Also will replace all the luminaires of changing rooms, corridors, accesses and gymnasium of the Municipal Sports Pavilion and the Tomás Martínez Urios Swimming Pool.

Four hundred fluorescent tubes, about two hundred downlights and more than one hundred projectors, as well as thirteen outdoor lamps, will be placed among all the sports facilities. Reactors and primers and all necessary equipment for LED technology will also be replaced. In this way, you can save six to seven times on the bills generated by the replaced luminaires. In addition, the works have been awarded to the local company Electroasis, thus encouraging local employment.

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